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Apr 23 2017

Dear all,

Due to an increasing workload for my day job, I took a hiatus since 2012 after acheiving my goal of wining a championship for NASA TT class in 2011.

The BMW that I tracked for the last few years unfortunately will not be competing. It has been semi-converted back to a street car and well-kept in the garage. Afterall, it has worked really hard for those years.

For 2012, I spent time enjoying my usual track days with my non-BMW cars under a non-competitve environment. It has been a great year of catching up with friends.

In 2013, I worked with Team Sykes (E46 M3) and SCTS Racing (E87 135, E9X M3), supporting both teams at local race tracks and venues as far as Sonoma Raceway.

Throughout 2014 and 2015, I became a test driver for SCTS Racing E87 135 and along the way I provided engineering support to the team. In 2015 specifically, I also test drove SCTS E90 M3 race car at the Circuits of America in Austin TX. It was a memorable event with a lot lessons to be learned.

In 2016, the SCTS Racing E87 135 unforunately was totaled during a competition on the East Coast. It was a great car that was put together by the team. We are really proud of all the years of racing that platform. 2016 also saw the new M4 as a replacement for the 135.

Til then, be safe!