Buttonwillow* (1cw)
  • Last event of 2006.
  • SCTS Racing BMW Club Race Support.
  • Nitto NT-01 holds up well!
  • Custom oil catch reservoir.
California Speedway Infield*
Speed Ventures
  • New best lap!
  • Nitto NT01 235/40/17 (Part 2)
  • Time trial = time attack?
Oct 18 2006
  • Transmission Thermostat.
  • Expansion Tank.
Buttonwillow* (13ccw)
  • Nitto NT01 235/40/17 (Part 1)
  • Head and neck support.
  • Is 2:11.503 good for 13CCW?
Streets of
Willow Springs
Speed Ventures
  • Power Steering Reservoir Overflow Bottle.
  • Number of Gear Shifts Per Lap.
Willow Springs
Speed Ventures
  • 1:40.050!!!
  • The Magic Flying Projectile.
  • Alternator Temperature Data Acquisition.
Buttonwillow (13ccw)
  • Joining the "BW-2-LA" Tow Club.
  • Urethane bushing updates from Bimmerworld (part 2).
  • Is 2:11:718 good for 13CCW?
Buttonwillow (14Acw)
Speed Ventures/ STUSA
Willow Springs
  • SCTS Racing BMW CR support
  • First TT Competition.
  • Laser Guided 4-wheel Alignment.
  • New Set of Toyo RA-1s (and meeting a representative from Nitto).
  • That special wheel for the race car...
Willow Springs
Open Track Racing
  • Have you heard about the Atom?
  • OTR's Jack Olsen
  • That special steering wheel...
Buttonwillow (1ccw)
  • Custom Rollbar Fabrication.
  • 6-point harness.
Buttonwillow (13cw)
Redline Track Event
  • Secondary Transimission Fluid Cooler (part 3).
  • Urethane bushing dislocation update.
Buttonwillow (13cw)
Private Event
  • Secondary Transimission Fluid Cooler (part 2).
  • Urethane bushing dislocation.
Willow Springs
Open Track Racing
  • Race Seat.
  • sans Brake Duct Cooling.
  • Secondary Transimission Fluid Cooler (part 1).
Buttonwillow (13cw)
  • Club Racer Support.
  • Customized Switches Console.
California Speedway Infield
Speed Ventures
  • Mixing RA-1s with Michelin Cups (again!).
  • Cobalt Spec VR.
  • Intake Camshaft Sensor.
  • Thermostat, Water Pump, Hoses
Mar 15 2006
  • Front 330 Calipers Rebuild.
Willow Springs
Open Track Racing
  • SPARCO RING with customized buttons (Part 2).
  • Mixing RA-1s with Michelin Cups.
  • Cobalt Spec VR.
Buttonwillow (25Acw)
Speed Ventures
  • SPARCO RING 330mm steering wheel (Part 1).
  • Hawk HT-10 gone!!!
  • G2X GPS based lap timer and logging system (Part 2)
  • Toyo RA-1 on all four corners. (Part 2)
Buttonwillow (1cw)
SpeedTrial USA
  • G2X GPS based lap timer and logging system. (Part 1)
  • Pitot Tube needs to be relocated and revised.
  • Toyo RA-1 on all four corners. (Part 1)
Buttonwillow* (25ccw)
Redline Track Event
  • New Coilovers (Part 3).
  • Urethane Bushings.
  • Pitot tube.
  • The famous hose "popper" fixed for darn good!
  • Power Steering Hose replacement.
  • ASA Compressor Oil Return Line replacement.